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Author Topic: When a simple favour becomes a significant inconvenience (details post #20)  (Read 11379 times)

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Whew!  Regarding our update in post 20...
Seems to me that the problem all started when your mom decided to go to the play or show instead of doing the delivery.  I would be put out, too.  It may be that the friends were also frustrated with the situation of having to deliver someone's things to them at some inconvenience.  I cannot imagine this fiasco ever happening again.  I think you should chalk it up to a keystone kops type experience and write it up into a movie script called 'The Luggage Chase" or something.
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I'm concerned that you're more worried about HER being mad at YOU at this point.  You accommodated her to your detriment and you got frustrated.  That's a normal reaction and is no reason for her to be angry.  She's deflecting from her guilt in inconveniencing you (and it works because you're now concerned about her feelings).

You are definitely a people pleaser, not a bad trait to have.  But if you find yourself frequently getting the short end of the stick it's time to reform.  I eventually learned that some people will never be happy with you no matter how far you go for them.

Be helpful, but not to your detriment.  Be assertive for yourself and daughter and let her reaction be what it may.  You are not responsible for her feelings.  (It's hard but get's easier each time you stick up for yourself.)
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