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Author Topic: I Used To Like That!?! (a spin-off of "Hey, that's actually pretty good")  (Read 43954 times)

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Am watching "Annie" now, the version with Aileen Quinn and Carol Burnett.  I loved this movie dearly when I was a kid.  Now I watch it and much of it gets on my nerves, like the voices of the girls to the point where I can sympathize when Miss Hannigan sings "Little Girls".   

Actually there was a point when I went from saying Annie was my favorite character to wishing I could have a chance to play Miss Hannigan.  :) But then I'm a huge Carol Burnett fan so that's probably a factor.  I love her as Miss Hannigan.

Carol Burnett is awesome in that role! And I think most adults can sympathize with her. I love that movie, and I love the kids in it, but they were pretty mouthy.

(Oh, and BTW, thank you for the earworm. :P "Lucky me, lucky me...")
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You're welcome!  Actually I've had that earworm in my head since I heard Jane Lynch is going to play Miss Hannigan on stage and sang "Little Girls" as Sue Sylvester on Glee recently.

I'm not a huge Glee fan but I do like Jane Lynch and had to hear her sing it.  She's very good!
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I used to love York Peppermint Patties. But I'm pretty sure the recipe has been changed in the last few years; now they taste pastier and have a less intense mint flavor. The aftertaste is a little bit yucky to me at this point :(