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Bowling for Pedestrians, is not my Fault (Update Post 46)

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So I live in Massachusetts, and I like to walk every day. I have discovered that the most dangerous time of the year to walk is on bright summer or spring days in the middle of a cross walk. I had three memorable incidents last year, and so far this year (after the melting at least 32 inch tall snow banks) one car's sudden stop resulted in a car behind it having the swerve into oncoming traffic, which at the time wasn't oncoming because the drivers stopped for me.

I practice basic road safety and etiquette, I stop before entering the side walk, look both way, wait for cars that are going to pass even though legally they have to stop. What I want to know are appropriate gesture that I can give after they have stopped suddenly or what I should yell as they are skidding to a stop (and assuming they car hear me because there windows are open because of the warmth)?


I just smile and wave like a maniac. Somehow being super friendly disturbs people more.

I think if you were to scream "Look out!" or "Oh, my Diety!" at fear of being run down, that would fall under "emergency" and not under "etiquette".

However, if the moment of danger has passed and you are just looking for a way to express yourself afterwards, there is nothing that can be politely shouted at people.

I would note, however, that standing in the crosswalk while writing down their license plate and ostentaiously calling 911 to report texting/cellphone use/other reckless driving is perfectly polite.  May not be SMART, but it is not rude.

The incidents never happen because of distraction. As far as I can seen anyway. They always occur at a cross walk near the crest of a hill so I understand the sudden stops in that situation, but not the speeding up after I already started in the cross walk. The other incidents occur after some train tracks near my house. For some reason people feel the need to catch up for lost time after they have slowed down for the tracks.


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