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Bowling for Pedestrians, is not my Fault (Update Post 46)

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--- Quote from: camlan on June 11, 2013, 05:26:04 PM ---So I'm wondering if part of the problem the OP is experiencing is that there aren't enough clues for drivers to indicate that they need to be more careful along that stretch of road. If they aren't expecting pedestrians, and the road itself isn't sending signals to them to expect them, maybe more or better signs or some different landscaping might help.

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An actual cross walk sign might help, but the road is pretty clear while you are on it. In this incident today if they had not seen me they should have seen the police car stopped coming towards them. I didn't enter the cross walk this time. I was waiting on the side walk for them to stop while they decided to pass me instead and they were both ticketed.

My husband encounters this 4 out of 5 days a week on his way to work. MAJOR intersection with OBVIOUS crosswalks and signals. There are vehicle--pedestrian accidents there regularly. In fact a city bus struck and killed a pedestrian in that crosswalk last year. I have begged my dh to use another intersection to cross the street.

I used to live in an area where drivers would actively break road laws to try to hit me. I'm talking, running a red light and driving over a traffic island while yelling obscenities. This used to happen about once a day. Although, truth be told, it was worse when I had a bike with me (even if I was walking it beside me--and no, I never rode on the road, always in shared pedestrian/bike paths).

There is nothing you can do in this situation except walk away. I am not about to thank someone for deciding at the last moment to act responsibly enough not to kill me through either recklessness or actual intent. I will not acknowledge their action as good, because frankly, it is very much not good enough. You don't get a prize for being substandard.

I know that with the drivers who would try to hit me, any reaction at all (disbelief, shock, fear, etc.) would encourage them. I'd just walk briskly away and ignore their shouted accusations ("can't you see where I'm driving, you stupid b****!??")

Also, good on the police to nab the two drivers.

If a driver has to skid to a sudden stop to let you cross, either they were speeding, not paying attention, or you walked out too suddenly into the crosswalk. I'm not saying this is what the OP did, but I nearly hit someone in a crosswalk the other day when they strode out purposefully without warning and I was going a normal speed, but I was so close I had to slam on the brakes. Safe pedestrian behaviour is to stop at the curb, stick a foot out tentatively and make it obvious you intend to cross. And don't do it until you can see that a driver intend to slow down. People can't always just stop on a dime.


--- Quote from: SPuck on June 11, 2013, 11:10:46 AM ---So I was about to cross the street again today at the cross walk. On the opposite side of road a police officer stopped foe me. Two drives decided to blow past me. The cop turned around, pulled both over, and gave them both tickets.

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I like it! This happened to me once. I was crossing and already through the nearest lane when someone decided to just keep going through the middle lane. Unluckily for him, a cop was behind him.


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