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I need a veggie dish

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We're having a get together at the inlaws thins weekend. I offered to bring something and was told a vegetable dish. The main course is chicken. I am at a loss. I was told I could bring a veggie tray if I'm short on time but am looking for other ideas. I tend to cook my veggies in the microwave and don't season them much. Any ideas?

If you have an oven, you can do a really yummy oven roasted veggies.  All you do is take your favorite veggies, toss with olive oil, salt/pepper liberally and roast at 400 till desired doneness.

You can do this with:

Asparagus-snap your first asparagus in half.  Where it naturally snaps is where you can cut the rest of the bundle with.  Rinse under water, then do above and roast.

Brussell Sprouts- shed first layer of leaves, cut of stem (not too much though) and do above and roast.

A combo of cherry tomatoes, zucchini and yellow squash- Rinse well  Cut cherry tomatoes in half.  Peel every other inch the zuchini/yellow squash so that when you look at it, they appear striped.  Slice thinly and toss with halved tomatoes do above.  With this one you can add a tsp of herbs like rosemary, thyme or whichever you prefer.

Will you be able to cook when you get there or does your dish need to be prepared at home and brought hot?

Some of our favorite veggie sides are:

Shredded Brussels Sprouts (I've never added pine nuts but I do add garlic)
a similar recipe finished with a yummy sauce

Garlic and Walnut Green Beans
Baked Asparagus with Balsamic Butter Sauce

Okay, I can't figure out how to make the title of the recipe actually link to the recipe, so I just posted the link after.  :P

Outdoor Girl:
It depends, to me, on whether or not you will be preparing your dish on site or whether you need to take it with you, keeping it warm somehow.

If you can prepare on site, you could do a platter of various steamed veggies, sprinkled with salt, pepper and a little parmesan cheese.  Something that gives you a wide range of colours.  My Mom always did a platter of cauliflower, carrots, broccoli, asparagus and brussel sprouts.  You could to this same kind of thing with the roasted vegetables, like Zilla described.  Or if the in-laws have a grill, you could do a variety of grilled vegetables quickly.  Aspargus, zucchini, peppers - brush with olive oil, toss with salt and pepper and grill either directly on the grill or in a grilling basket.

But if you need to take the dish with you already prepared, I'd go with something more casserole like as it will keep warm better and deal with reheating better.  A friend of mine does a broccoli, cauliflower and other veggies in a cheesy sauce, with a bread crumb topping.

I just did this as a cooking demo for an Earth Day event. it took less then 5 minutes and everyone loved it - kids, adults, etc were asking for more. in fact I had to make 3 batches (which was easy because its so quick!)

Shredded carrots (allow for 2 per person, or more)
Dollop of mayo or Miracle Whip
Vinegar (I like red pepper seasoned rice vinegar, but any apple cider, white, white wine, plain rice, etc will do)
Dash of cumin
Larger dash of cinnamon
Optional: candied nuts

Whisk together the mayo/MW, vinegar (3:1 ratio), cumin and cinnamon in a large bowl. Add carrots and raisins and stir until totally coated with dressing. Mix in nuts if using.

The cinnamon really adds a nice flavor and brings out the natural sweetness of the carrots and raisins, and the cumin just adds a bit of something. Some people prefer nutmeg to the cumin, that's cool. Or you could use "pumpkin pie spice" if you have that in your pantry. For nuts I used a package of pre-made candied walnuts.


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