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That Anime Chick:
Last night after DH and went to the gym, we hit the local salad buffet and had a nice dinner. One of the things with this particular buffet (can you really call it a restaurant?) is that they offer two different colored glasses for drinks. Clear for soda, blue for water. Near the soda fountain, there is a separate spigot for water. It's not hard to miss and there are signs all around the beverage area that blue glasses are only for water.

It never fails that people try to get free sodas with the blue glasses, usually claiming they didn't know (I actually heard one person say that one time to a manager).  Last night was no different, people trying to  get sodas for free. I never say anything because they are caught and either asked to pay or asked to leave.  After I had gotten my food and went to get my drink, I saw a lady take her water glass and fill it with soda. Our eyes met for a moment and then she looked away and scurried back to her seat.

The thing to understand with this place also is that the manager will walk around and talk to people as well as make sure that no one is sneaking sodas. We're fairly regular and he will talk to us if we've been gone for a while; we usually visit about 2-3 times a month and we've been away for a month or more due to dealing with other things. So he came by to chat with us. After a few minutes he left us to eat in peace.

A few minutes later I feel someone staring at me and it's the lady who had taken a soda in her water glass. She's glaring at me. As soon as we made eye contact, she stormed over. Apparently she felt that I had tattled on her while I was talking to the manager (I had never said a word), and now she was asked to leave because she wouldn't pay for her soda. How dare I tattle on her, it was just one soda, soda is cheap, etc.

DH I could tell was a bit surprised that someone would be berating me like this. I calmly turned to her and said "What an interesting assumption you've made." Then went back to my meal. She continued to berate me, getting louder. About that time the manager and the assistant manager came by to escort her out, with the manager coming back to apologize and insisted on leaving us a free meal coupon. After much back and forth, we took it. But I didn't want to. The woman didn't bother me, other than her insistence that she did nothing wrong despite stealing soda from the buffet.

Sounds like you handled it well!  And what a great restaurant for having such a clear and easy way to differentiate, and actually enforcing it!  I love to see that sort of thing.  And the manager sounds like he knows how to run a restaurant... making sure people pay for what they are getting, but also being friendly and welcoming, I'm sure making people feel like any concerns are being heard, and being a visible presence.  I'd love that place.

I have an interesting assumption - why is it that the people who get caught doing wrong always seem to be the ones making the most noise about it?


--- Quote from: ITSJUSTME on April 23, 2013, 10:28:32 AM ---I have an interesting assumption - why is it that the people who get caught doing wrong always seem to be the ones making the most noise about it?

--- End quote ---


OP, you handled that very elegantly!

This is the "anti-snitching" mentality. It basically goes, "I can do anything I want. Nothing is 'wrong', if it pleases me to do it. Conventional morality? Pfffft. How old-fashioned. But how DARE you get me in trouble for something I did? No decent person would EVER do such a thing!"


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