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Author Topic: ...and everyone was on their best behavior - the good experiences  (Read 1032 times)

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After reading so many stories about Special Snowflakes or rude behavior, there are some times I come back from an event and am so happy that I didn't encounter any. I thought it might be nice to have  thread where people could post their positive experiences.

My most recent was last night. I had purchased as a gift for DD 3 tickets to a concert with the understanding she'd be able to invite a guest but I got to go too :).
-The 3rd person attending had to cancel 2 weeks ago but gave DD plenty of time to find an alternate.
-Alternate friend invited accepted graciously.
-At friend's home, DD went to the door to get her friend, but the friends mom came out to the car and let me know she'd provided funds to pay for our pre-show dinner and to thank me for inviting her DD.
-Line to get into the venue was backed up to the parking garage escaltor. Everyone was very conscious and made sure to get out of the way of people coming down the esclator. 
-No one was line jumping or impatient to get through security even though the first band had already started.
-The people on the end of our row of seats graciously stood up and didn't complain anytime someone needed to get in our out, which there wasn't a ton of at all. And if someone on the row did leave, they made sure to do it between songs.
-There was a couple sitting in front of us how had friends in the row in front of them but further down the row. 3 teens noticed and offered to switch seats so the group could sit together, even though it meant giving up their aisle seats.
-I heard woman behind me ask person behind her if her standing blocked the other's view.
-When leaving the parking garage, cars did a beautiful job of letting merging traffic in. Quickest I've ever excited a parking garage after a major event of 20,000 people.


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Re: ...and everyone was on their best behavior - the good experiences
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I was hanging out in the Home Depot parking lot the other day when I noticed a person getting ready to load some sheets of, well, not plywood but that size.  There was a breeze which was nice if you were sitting in a car but not so nice if you were trying to put a 4' by 6' sheet of lightweight material into a van.

A woman (also hanging out in the parking lot, it's a trend!) went over to help.  With two people the task was ridiculously easy and all the sheets were loaded in less than 5 minutes.  The one person took the cart back to the store (yay!) and the helper went back to reading her book in the car.