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Author Topic: Barensmom's Sheraton Palace Story (Long)  (Read 8058 times)

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Re: Barensmom's Sheraton Palace Story (Long)
« Reply #15 on: August 27, 2013, 02:48:12 PM »
I was the vice-chair of the social/guest program for a very large conference in My Fair City and worked tireless hours for MONTHS, not seeing DH for days leading up to the conference (he was not a happy camper since I was stressing out a bit).

The Gala Event, the photographer is taking pictures of everyone (including DH and myself), getting names, everyone is having a great time and the event was a great success.

Several months later, the thank you comes out in the form of a photo album sent out to all the sponsors and volunteers. I'm so excited! I flip through the book and there I am with my DH all dressed in our gala finest.

Caption? Same last names - just spelled completely differently!  ???

Did they think that 2 random people with the same name, but spelled differently (think dropping one vowel in one and adding another letter in the other but still pronounced exactly the same), just happened to meet up and be in the same picture together?  ::)