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I'm a member of a parenting site, though I rarely use it, a friend pointed me to an advert (placed by the site owners) looking for people to test 30 brand A nappies in size x & y. Tadpole is in size y so I applied on the off chance, there were questions with short paragraph answers (i.e why do you want to test brand A) which I assume were to rule out bots, though it may also have been to obtain a sample of writing style.

Long story short, we've got a big box of free nappies and some coupons. They have asked me to write a reveiw in the products section of the site, write a review on a specially set up thread, and fill in a survey. The second two are simpleas they are clearly related to product sent free, I do wonder if there is an etiquette to the first one. As it will be in the general section, should I mention somtjing like 'I was sent a pack of brand A to test'. Is it rude/misleading not to mention they were test freebies. Conversely, is it rude to mention it ss it might make the reader doubt a positive review, which could affect their trust of the brand.

I could leave this sectin, however they are offering a prize draw for shopping vouchers as an incentive to complete all three. I could ve overthinking this, it wouldn't be the first time

I can only respond based on my experience with books and receiving ARCs (Advanced Reader/Reviewer Copies) there.

Generally speaking it is considered best practice to mention somewhere that this was a freebie. Many reviewers have a standard pre-amble along the lines of:
"I received this book as an ARC. I receive no other compensation for the writing of this review..."

In other words "I'm paid to review this product, but not for the contents of the review".

There's never anything wrong with full disclosure on a product review.  I'd mention first thing that I got them for free in exchange for writing the review.

I agree--I think disclosure is almost required by etiquette.

Bloggers are required to disclose that they've been "compensated" (or given something for free) when they post a review of a product. While this is a little different, it would be both ethical and polite to mention that you tried the product for free.


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