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Amusing Business Cards

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Here's the best we've found.  The business card of the man we'll call 'John Jones' offered...

'Used cars, Hogs, Whiskey, Manure, Nails, Fly Swatters, Racing Forms and Bongos'. 

The card of this man said that he could do the following...

Empty bars
Organize possum hunts
Clean fish
Start feuds
Quell uprisings
Tame tigers
Sort wildcats
Verify excuses
Organize orgies
Rent rooms.   

You have to admit it.  This is a business card that will grab your attention.

What fun business cards have you seen?

I am a singer - many singers have quite fanciful cards.  Mine simply says

My Name
Vocalist For All Occasions

but I always wanted to have a card printed which would read

My Name
All Kinds Songs Cheap

My grandfather played in a band when he was young, and their business card read, "X Band. Good As Any, Better Than Some."

I get a lot of business cards from the salespeople who come through our office. One of my favorites said something about an office having "North America and Indiana" as its sales territories.  ;D Huh, it just now occurred to me that perhaps they meant "North America and India" and it was a typo. Previously I'd thought they figured the state of Indiana was so special, it deserved mention on its own!  :D

Also we've had a guy come through whose official business card for his very serious, scientific enterprise has a colorful cartoon dragon on it. It did not inspire confidence in my boss...

oz diva:
One I guy I met listed his title as ' Honcho'. Not head honcho, just honcho.


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