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I think I did it


It wasn't quite full-blown bean-dipping, but I think it worked.

I went to Nearby Nice Town with DF, FIL e MIL: DF and FIL had an errand to run there, so we decided to make a bit of holiday out of it.
MIL and I started out talking about DF and my childhood, which got us talking about how things (you know, strollers, beds, etc.) have changed for kids today. Then, suddenly...

MIL: When you and DF have kids, you must buy a high stroller, so it will be more comfortable for me to push it when I watch the baby.

Me: Oh, when the time comes we'll probably drive the shop assistant crazy* looking at all the strollers, but we'll definitely see what works best.

*I don't actually plan to be That Kind of Costumer, though knowing us, we will be thorough.

Mental Magpie:
It wasn't a direct, obvious bean-dip, just a small hint of it because you redirected the conversation away from the direction she was taking it.  Good job!

A fine example of a subtle beandip!

(Wishing for a thumbs-up smiley to put here)

Very smoothly done :)

gramma dishes:

--- Quote from: CakeBeret on April 26, 2013, 02:38:56 PM ---Very smoothly done :)

--- End quote ---

So very smooth that it took me a moment to figure out what you'd done!   ;D


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