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Don't want to eat your yucky food

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I don't remember where you live, but in the most o the US its finally spring, what a great excuse to not sit inside for lunch. And/or oh look do plenty of stores have great local seasonal produce on sale that you just had to pick up on your way to see your mom, what a nice treat, instead of her going to the trouble of sandwiches...

Wow, you certainly don't have to explain to us why it would be a terrible idea to eat at you mom's house and expose children to that. This is an absolutely'safety before etiquette' situation, whether it's your mom or anyone else. You obviously wouldn't go out of your way to hurt her, but if she does get her feelings hurt because you choose not to eat 'gross' food in a 'gross' house, then that is her issue.

You got some good ideas here - you pick something up on the way, meet her at a park or fast food place etc

And hugs.

I POD everyone else who suggests a picnic or picking something up to bring with you.  Food poisoning is nothing to play around with.  Her system may be used to eating rotten food, but to a child it can be fatal.  I know you pick your battles, but this would be my hill.

I agree with all of the above suggestions, and have one more.

If, for some reason, you don't think that bringing your own food will work (or if you think your mother may still expect you to eat her moldy cheese and old deli meat), it might be wise for all of you to eat a bit before you go over, and then eat a bit more after you leave. For you and DH, you can talk about the late breakfast you had and how you really couldn't eat more than just this small bit of a sandwich (or whatever).

For LK, if I remember correctly she's not really old enough to be especially verbal yet. If you feed her a full meal before going over, you can blame it on the fact that she was so hungry she was about to have a meltdown, and she must be in some sort of growth spurt. But you went ahead and fed her lunch at home so the visit would be more pleasant. You can tell your mother (if she tries to offer her food anyway) that she really isn't hungry anymore, and you don't want to waste the cheese/sliced meat/whatever.

You might want to go ahead and feed LK in advance even if you bring food, unless you're able to convince your mother to go eat it at a park or something. As long as you're in her house, she may try to serve food you don't want LK eating. It'll be much easier to avoid giving her that food without making it a "thing" if she's not really hungry anyway (because you'll be avoiding giving her any food).

What an awful situation. I wouldn't eat anything at the house, even if I brought it. Could you arrange to go somewhere else? I would say it is so LK can toddle around in the fresh air for a lunch date.


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