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Gluten Free Mother's Day

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Outdoor Girl:
Oats are not gluten free, though.  They get easily contaminated.  So check the fine print on the packaging and see if it mentions whether or not they are gluten free.

What you could do, though, is make a separate little crustless cheesecake for your Mom in a bowl that she can just eat with a spoon.

I've had skewers with olives, mozzerella or boccancini balls, some sort of meat, basil leaves and drizzled with a balsamic vinegrette.  They were really good.  You just have to make sure the meat is GF.  Some salami style meats might have bread crumbs in them.

I think I would add a vegetable tray with a dip of some sort. Many people might like something that can be a guilt-free crunchy and also cut vegetables can keep for a little while in the fridge if it doesn't all get eaten.

As a celiac, I echo that unless the oats are certified GF, they're not.  They're contaminated.  Just sharing the same harvesting equipment with wheat can contaminate them.

They do sell GF graham crackers, too.  They always work awesome with my GF cheesecake.

I am using the same type of oats my mother eats. They are not advertised as being GF but she is able to eat them without issue.

I have a wonderful recipe for Chocolate Black Bean cake. Not a spec of flour in it, and even not health food friends liked it. (I make it because I'm diabetic and watch my carbs.) PM me if you would like the recipe. Really easy to make as it is all thrown in the blender.


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