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Should I correct the teacher?

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I was at my daughter's school last night for a book swap event.  She wanted to show me her classroom and we went in (the door was wide open and I know it is okay to go into the classrooms).

She showed me her desk, the "cool off" area, the different stations, where the calendar hangs, etc.  I noticed a flip chart with a drawing of a flower.  It was labeled, "The Parts of the Flower" with the stem, the leaves and the pedals.  Yes, the "pedals."  I told my daughter that it was wrong and sort of rolled my eyes to myself.  I actually was sort of shocked even though the two words are homophones and, I guess, are easy to confuse.


Later I saw the teacher but by that time I had forgotten the misspelling/confusion since it was an hour later.  Besides, I was having a good time interacting with the kid and seeing the teacher was a pleasure.  We talked and laughed about the bookmarks that my daughter's class had made and were selling at the book swap.  (I confessed that I actually made the ones that my daughter had brought in.)

But, would it be impolite to email her and mention the problem?  I'm sure she will be tremendously embarrassed but still!  "Pedal" instead of "petal"?

This is first grade, by the way.

I would email her.  It might be slighly awkward but you're saving her future mortification.  This makes me shudder.

I'm tempted to say you should teach your daughter the correct way and see if she corrects the teacher.

But yeah, I agree, something should be said - teacher's embarrassment aside, there is a room full of little kids learning the spellings of basic words who are looking at a poster every day that spells "petals" wrong.

I would send her a private handwritten note.  I brought up, discreetly, a mistake on DD's homework paper to her teacher and she thanked me.  Misspellings happen to all of us, and it sometimes takes a second pair of eyes.

gramma dishes:
If I had made an error like that when I was teaching, I would have much appreciated a private heads up.  I think a brief and discreet non-critical note would be completely appropriate.   

I do wonder though how many other parents noticed.   :-\


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