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Should I correct the teacher?

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1) Did anyone else think of the Quayle potatoe and snigger?  >:D

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Interesting that you should bring that up because the reason that Dan Quayle questioned whether the student had spelled the word correctly or not was because the school had spelled it incorrectly on the materials that were provided.   Now, you can argue as to whether or not he should have trusted his own judgment rather than rely on the paper that the school provided but that's another kind of mistake altogether.  The fact is that the school provided the misspelling.

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I hadn't heard that! That's very interesting.

I never thought it was all that big an indicator of his intelligence. His spelling, maybe, but plenty of smart people can't spell. (Not that I was a Dan Quayle fan--just that I thought that issue was a total red herring.)


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