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Plugging in your cell phone

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I think she was rude to not excuse herself before pushing in so close to you, rather then waiting until after she was done when she couldn't ignore your presence anymore.  I also think it is really weird to charge a cell at a nicer restaurant, but perhaps that's just because I've never seen it done before?

There are a few "internet cafes" - like Starbucks, where a plug for your electronics is an option (not a lot of them - but some) - and the prices reflect the probability that people are there for juice and "juice" - as well as more than the thirty minutes to absorb calories.

But unless it is advertised as that kind of café.....NO WAY, Jose!  (or Josephina)!  Sheesh - I'd have unplugged it and handed it to her under the guise of being afraid of tripping over the wire and breaking her cell phone.....or the charger.

I do go to an internet café once in a while - but usually don't plug anything in - it is an available option at Panera, Starbucks, and a few other places - but, I'd rather have my electronics plugged in to the car power outlet/converter while I'm driving or wait until I get to a hotel, if I'm traveling!


--- Quote ---She probably had permission as shown by her knowing where the outlet is.
--- End quote ---

Could be she asked and the hostess was caught off-guard and thought “what the heck” and said it was okay.

I’m guessing that as soon as she walked in she looked around to spot where the outlets were, and saw one.

I’m thinking of the houses I visit most often.  I could not say right now where the outlets are – because I’ve never looked for them.

It's imperative that I have access to my phone during my work day, so there have been situations where I have plugged it in places that were not my home or office. However, I would not do so in a restaurant unless there happened to be an outlet right at my table and it was unobtrusive. So pretty unlikely.


--- Quote from: reflection5 on April 28, 2013, 11:13:30 AM ---I think she was rude, and I'm surprised the restaurant allowed it.

--- End quote ---

I don't think there's any need to question it: Cell phone lady was rude.

As for the bolded, a restaurant allowing it isn't at all surprising to me.  Many restaurants offer free Wi-Fi (wireless internet access), and I've had many occasions to ask for a table with a power outlet nearby so that I can use my laptop while there. 


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