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Planting stuff in your neighbors flower bed.

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I swear with the way things have gone the past few weeks, I am hoping someone finally jumps out and tells me I am on Candid Camera.

I totally suck at gardening, as in I kill everything.  So, I started slow this time.  I have 4 plants in my flowerbed that I have been pampering for about 3 weeks.  They are still alive and there is hope.

My neighbor that I have lived next to for about 12 years has been following my progress and adding her 2 cents.  I just smile and nod and say how excited I am.

Well today I game home, to a new plant in my flowerbed!  Just so happens it is the same kind she has in her yard!

This is not a plant I would have chosen at all.  And, I only had room in there for 3-4 new plants, now there is room for 2-3.

Does anyone else find this odd?

Very.  She didn't ask you what you wanted, and she didn't have your permission to mess around in your garden. 

Take it out and throw/give it away.

Yeah, I find it odd and a few other things.  Neighbor apparently took it upon herself to "help things along" on your property in your garden.  Not cool.  She should have asked and given you the opportunity to answer.

I'd remove that plant/flower, throw it away, proceed with my garden as I want it to be.  If she asks "what happened to (x plant)" I'd say, "I don't care for (xplant).  I'm coming along okay on my own.  Hope things turn out well - spring is here!"  I would not thank her.

I agree. I'd remove tin before she gets a chance to ask how you liked her suprise. If you've already removed it up you can say you didn't know she did it and that you already have plans to add more plants later.


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