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Planting stuff in your neighbors flower bed.

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Not only is it odd, but she's trespassing on your property. I'd ask her if she's the one who planted it. Then I'd ask her not to do it again and uproot the flower.

rose red:
I wouldn't say anything.  If she says anything, I would tell her I didn't know where that plant came from, but it wasn't part my plans so I got rid of it.

And, I know this sounds petty, but I looked forward to watering everyday.  I found it very relaxing and enjoyed the silence.  My watering for the day has already been done. :(

I'd just uproot it. Don't care who put it there, don't want it, just get rid of it. If she says something you can say that, since you hadn't planted it and didn't want it, it was the same as a weed.

Good luck with your flower bed; I have pulled up grass and planted snapdragons this spring, my first time in years trying to grow something myself (not generally green-thumbed).

I really don't think that etiquuette wise its a good idea to pretend that you didn't know who put the plant there and then throw it out,  In fact, that seem pretty vindictive,

Also, a neighbor of 12 years who you know and are on good terms with is not a trespasser.

Having a good neighbor is a great thing even if she pkants something in your flower bed. 

It's just a plant for crying out loud!  It's not permanent.  She didn't graffiti up the garage!

This has to be handled politely and with grace.

"Hey, Alice!  Did you plant this in my garden?!  I thought it sprung up awfully fast!  I appreciate the gesture but its really not my style.  Maybe we could plant it somewhere else or you could take it back,  My garden is my own little domain and I only have enough attention for the things I have planted there.   Again, I appreciate the thought, but I am kind of terrotorial about my little domain.  What should we do with this new guy here?"

There really is no reason to be unfriendly.  She overstepped.  But, its a bad idea to turn her into an enemy because of it.


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