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Several people posted on the "Food Processor" thread that they make their own homemade hummus. I want to start doing this as well. I've looked online for recipes and it seems to be fairly simple, but I'd like to know how you guys make yours. Any special tips or tricks to make it extra yummy? I want to start making my own in a few days when I finish what I have in the house already.

There are a gazillion flavors of this stuff on the market now.  My personal favorites have garlic, artichoke, spinach, jalapeno, or caramelized onion.

Scallions might also be good....

SamiHami, a trick my uncle uses (and that he gave to me) when he makes is hummus, is to use peanut butter instead of Tahini (barring peanut allergies of course) He says it's because he doesn't use Tahini that often and it ends up going rancid in the fridge. Me personally, I like it better with peanut butter, hence why I use it.

Outdoor Girl:
Mine is a can of chickpeas, the juice of half a lemon, 2 cloves of garlic, about a tablespoon of olive oil and about 2 tablespoons of tahini (or natural peanut butter) and enough water to make it a good consistency.

Now that I grow a lot of my own herbs, I may try adding various ones and seeing how it turns out.

ETA:  I forgot the salt!  About 1/2 tsp per can of chick peas.  I also toss in some freshly ground black pepper.

I really think that you should look into a very small, like 2-3 processor for hummus.  small batches.  Then when you find what you like expand to a larger serving.


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