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Yes, many airlines will not give you a boarding pass without a person there, regardless of who it was purchased for. 
With babies, it is quite possible that they should print one for the baby, but they know life might be easier on the airline staff if they don't. 

To put a different spin on it, I have a friend who is large.  She buys two seats to fly.  The second seat is purchased for "Right Cheek".  She has never been able to get a boarding pass for Right Cheek.  Therefore, it seems that the seat next to her is vacant because the "person" that reserved that seat hasn't checked in.  She says it seems like they are always giving out a boarding pass for the middle seat next to her.  She said she prefers Southwest because then at least someone doesn't have a boarding pass for the seat next to her.  But she does keep her receipt for two seats in her hand until they close the plane door. 

Curly Wurly Doggie Breath:
Sophia has a very good example of what I was attempting to say.


--- Quote from: cass2591 on October 04, 2013, 11:04:58 PM ---Flying is such a hassle and I absolutely hate it.
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Where is that "Like" button when we need it? ;)

Paper Roses:
I have also had reserved, confirmed seats changed on me.  In one case, I had called to reconfirm the day before the flight, and was told we had 4 seats together on the plane - at the time, this was for myself and my husband and our 2 young children, plus one lap child (under 2).  When we got to the airport and checked in, our seats had been changed - they were 4 single seats, scattered throughout the plane. 

We haven't flown that particular airline since, and barring some unforeseen circumstance, never will again.  But, my point is, sometimes the airlines do things with no rhyme or reason, and messing with seat assignments is one of them.

One of the best parts of changing from my Old Company (7 years) to New Company (2 years come December) is that I have not had to fly one single time since. Before, I was going on trips 2+ times a year, after I'd gained experience and proved my worth I was flying a whole lot more. The worst was when I flew somewhere every week 8 weeks in a row.

One (tiny) airline I flew with often, as it provides flights from small-town airports to Denver, was entirely 19 passenger planes (2 seats to a "row" and 3 seats in back). They would hand out boarding passes with random seats written on them, often 3 or 4 people with the same seat and nobody had the rest assigned. We'd be told to "just pick a seat, they aren't real assignments" but every so often there'd be a stickler who insisted on getting the ASSIGNED seat.


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