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Little Jo:
I often fly with Mr A Cello who has to have a seat. Mister A Cello and I fly a lot. Mister A Cello was given an upgrade to first class because of frequent air miles I was not. Mister A Cello has to stay with me. So I am afraid  I had to deny Cello his upgrade but imagine the surprise when the flautist whom Mister A Cello had to take her seat got the upgrade! Evil me had told her that it was not a nice seat to move to but Mister Cello had to stay with me

We flew recently, and the only probably happened on the return overnight flight.  I had trouble with the 'infant' boarding card, and when they reissued it they moved my seat. So I was sitting 3 rows away from my husband and daughter, on a night flight, with a baby on my lap.  The only good thing was I had an empty seat beside me, but I figured I couldn't stay on my own or I'd be stuck unable to move from the baby all flight. So I asked the person in the aisle next to my daughter to swap, made sure he knew it was also an aisle and next to an empty seat. He didn't even put his butt in the chair next to the 4 year old, I think it was a no brainer!

I fly out Tuesday to Atlanta from Hobby (Houston) - I'm reviewing this thread for anything that may crop up, on the ground or in the air. 

Just in case something does happen - I want to know how to handle it politely.

Although if I sprain my ankle on the way to the airport, like I did in 1998, I'm still going to yelp with pain if anyone trips on it - I can't think of anything else to do...that doesn't involve a Frying Pan of Duh! and I think that they confiscate those at the security check....

I'm teaching a class in Chicago in July, so fingers crossed for my flight...

Not a plane - a train.

I was on a particularly scenic train line a few weeks ago and I'd booked my seat so that I was at a window and a table. Train still has plenty of seats, but nearly all the window seats at tables were gone.

A couple showed up, asked if the other seats at my table were free. They were, and I told them so, and made sure my stuff wasn't encroaching on the space.

Then the man starts whining to his wife about he wants a window seat. Well, that's fine, there's a seat opposite me. And then he keeps on whining about how he's got to sit facing forward, in a tone of voice designed to carry to me and the woman at the table opposite. He was clearly expecting one of us to offer our seats to him.

I didn't even get to say "that won't be possible", since he didn't even ask. Since he wasn't addressing himself to me, I continued reading my book.

His wife found a pair of facing-forward seats and persuaded him back to them. Alas, they didn't have a table.

I had a lovely view and got some great photos, which is what I'd booked the trip for.


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