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Favorite Food Blog/Website

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Do you have a favorite food blog or website you regularly visit? There are a *lot* of great ones out there, but can you pick just one and tell us why.

Though I love the Cook's Illustrated site, I have to say that I find Skinny Taste ( http://www.skinnytaste.com/ ) to be my favorite. I am beginning to cook from this regularly. It's not for the fact that she has recipes that are low-calorie, low fat but that they are invariably tasty. And interesting!

So . . . which is your favorite? Please name just one.

The Smitten Kitchen!


All recipes.com  -   I like the fact that they have a section near the top where I can put in an ingredient and it will list a bunch of recipes that call for it.  Now nearly no more left over bits of a certain ingredient I buy and think I will use only once.

So many good ones, but to name just one favorite food blog:  http://orangette.blogspot.com/

Great recipes, but her writing on various subjects is wonderful, largely food related but covering a wide array of tangents.  Her writing can be funny, touching or both.

I've been teaching myself to decorate cakes for a few years now, and I'm getting pretty good. So I love


First off, it's hilarious.

Secondly, when I see a cake that a professional has just totally ruined, I like to try it for myself to see how I do. And I LOVE the sunday sweets section.


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