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You Must Reproduce for Your Country!!!

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My flabber is well and truly gasted. I had a strange and bizarre interaction at a local store the other day. The lady who I was dealing with was in her 60's, which is relevant to the story....

BG: I don't have kids, nor do I want them. Occasionally I'm asked in passing if I have kids, I say "no", and if pressed, will simply say that I can't have them, which usually repels rude and nosy questions and is still etiquette friendly. I find that especially with older women like the lady in this story, they'll accept "I can't have children" at face value without question, but get ridiculously offended if I tell them the real reason, which is that I've never wanted kids enough to go down the fertility treatment road. I'm not interested in discussing my reproductive equipment with strangers or casual acquaintances, so this option works fine for me, as most people assume it's a painful subject and are polite enough not to pry.

Most of the time, anyway. Until "Store Lady".

Me: Enters store, brings purchase to counter.

Store Lady: **small talk, weather, blabbetty blah** So, how many kids do you have?

Me: No kids. I have 3 nephews though (this usually distracts them)

Store Lady: What??? No kids??? Why not??

Me: (thinking "oh no, it's the Childbearing Evangelist, better shut this down") I can't have them.

Store Lady: Well, you know not enough Orange people are having kids and all the Other Colors are! You'll see when you get older! This is a big problem! You should be doing something or there will be no more Orange people.

Me:  :o That's an interesting assumption. Well, I can't have kids, so I'm off the hook.

Store Lady: I just don't know what's wrong with all the girls today. There was never any of this infertility when *I* was younger. Why, my mother had 5 kids! Everyone had kids! You should have 3 kids...2 to replace the parents and one for the country. That's the RIGHT thing to do!

Me:  :o :o :o :o. Um. Thankyouhaveanicedaybye!!!! (flees store, never to return)

I've experienced people who think it's their duty to convince me to have a kid before, and even the nasty "THEY are out-reproducing US" attitude (so weird), but this is the first time I've been told that it's my duty to my country to clone myself!

You must post this on not always working....

Yowza! You know, you get used to a certain amount of, "No kids! Oh, my..." and just try to grit your teeth and accept that not everyone thinks the same way, but that is crazy. I did once have a friend insist that i need to reproduce because my above average intelligence needed to be passed on ... that may be where my line of coming from a long line of schizophrenic cross-addicted alcoholics with bad teeth came from  ;D

Hey, nice to meet another happily childfree person who can't have kids without fertility treatments or whatever. I am in the same boat. :) I always say it couldn't have happened to a better person.

I'm sorry but the song "Do It for Your Country" keeps running through my head!  >:D

 ???  I'm sorry that you had to even reply to this woman. 

When I read your post I hearing a certain German dictator's voice going through my mind.  In my 20th century History classes when we studied WWII, we read that he encouraged German women to "reproduce for the fatherland".  Yipes!!


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