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Opinions on school uniforms

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I'd like to know the opinions of EHellers on school uniforms. I'm in Australia and I'm in favoured them. One advantage is they make kids easily identifiable when not at school and another is at it equalises all students, they don't have to worry about fashions and trends and neither do parents.

Thoughts anyone?

I think it depends on the culture of the community. If one starts in kindergarten with uniforms, then it is the norm, and easier for families to buy the uniforms rather than a wardrobe of other school clothes. Only private schools have uniforms in my community.

I'm in Australia too, and I love uniforms.

As OP mentioned, it saves having to keep up with the latest fashions, equalises kids etc. Also saves having to decide what to wear each day. It also means there are at least a few things in their kids' wardrobes that parents will get value for money on, as they're worn constantly.

If the outfits I see the kids, particularly the high school girls, wearing on free dress days are indicative of what their choices would be each day if uniforms weren't compulsory, then l am 1000000% glad free dress isn't everyday.  :o

I recently applied for a job where I was informed a uniform was supplied  - very nice mix of corporate skirts, pants, blouses.  I loved the idea, as I hate deciding on outfits each day.

We didn't have school uniforms until I was in High School but I like the idea.

Uniforms may be expensive to buy but they do eliminate  a lot of angst and disruption both at home and in the classroom.  They can also give students a sense of unity and school spirit. 

I always wore a uniform and so did my children but my younger sister had a year where they tried a non uniform policy for 6th formers (17 year olds) and she said it was a nightmare. Female Dog comments from the richer students if you wore an outfit too often, having to spend her limited clothes budget on school suitable clothes that she wouldn't chose to wear outside (length and style restrictions) the daily decision on what to wear. I disliked my uniform from the 60's in the UK, shirt and tie, ghastly bottle green tights and that stupid hat but at least everyone else was wearing it and I think my children's school in Australia, school logo polo shirt, navy slacks/trackpants or skirt and sweat shirt got it pretty right for comfort, cost and smartness.


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