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Rosacea- what works for I you?

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***i am not asking for medical advice- I am under the care of a physician for my Rosacea***

...however, nothing is really working, we have exhausted many options, and the next step would be laser treatments, which sounds AWFUL to me.

So I'm wondering if anyone has any non- medical solutions that have worked for them to improve their Rosacea?

 My plan is to gather info on alternative (ie non-medical) options and ask the doctor about the when I go in June. He's a pretty cool guy and open to suggestions. The first time I saw him he read all the labels on my skin care products and even opened my face cream to smell it because I said it smelled good! Lol

The idea of someone lasering my face is just.....no.....

ETA: just noticed the autocorrect fail in the thread title! LOL

Goodnight Kiwi:
A make-up artist I know (who doesn't sell product but has been "in the biz" for some years) swears by washing your face with Cetaphil cleanser, and then using Guerlain SOS cream (pricey but nice).  She reckons she used it on a client who had the worst rosacea she had ever seen, and it cleared it up within a matter of weeks.

Good luck!

I haven't been to see a dermatologist, but I suspect I have mild rosacea. I sometimes get little bumps on my cheeks (that aren't pimples), and have pretty persistent pinkness right around my nose.

One thing that I think actually made it a lot better is consistently using the Oil Cleansing Method. You basically use a blend of castor oil and a moisturizing oil (I use sweet almond) to cleanse your face. The one thing that I think might not be super awesome for rosacea is that part of the method is to cover your face with a hot washcloth to open your pores and sort of steam things off before you use the washcloth to wipe off dirt and excess oil. I think it might be possible to wipe the oil off without that, although I've never tried it.

The immediate advantages of using the OCM, for me, are that it's an incredibly effective makeup remover (which is always good for your skin), and it really keeps my dry and flaky skin well moisturized, which also can't hurt. I have noticed that I have far fewer small bumps on my cheeks than I used to, and the pinkness isn't quite as pink (unless I've just done something that leaves me flushed, like exercise).

I don't know that everyone reacts equally well to plant-based oils, but if it's something your doctor is on board with, it might be worth trying out. My skin really is consistently much happier and better looking when I just avoid soap completely.

For the pinkness that's left, I wear mineral makeup, and use a mint green powder to neutralize it before I put on foundation. It works so well that I frequently get compliments on my "flawless" complexion when I'm wearing makeup.

Library Dragon:
I too have mild rosacea and hyper sensitive skin.  SkinCeuticals Cleanser is good and I swear by the Epidermal Repair moisturizer.  It's expensive.  I will confess that I purchase the professional sized tubes from reliable eBay stores.  Much more budget friendly and you don't have to use much. 

Dermalogica has a green tinted moisturizer that I use on bad flare up days. 

For makeup I like Smasbox's green tinted primer and Physicans Formula green tinted finishing powder.

If anyone has anything I'd love to try it. My nose is just... red. If I use the antibiotic that helps with the redness it gives me horrid cystic acne.


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