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S/O of School Uniforms. Gym Suits

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--- Quote from: Just Lori on May 02, 2013, 05:20:35 PM ---

Our grade school did not have locker rooms, so we had to wear these lovely things underneath our regular school clothes.  The elastic around the legs tended to cut into the flesh of chubby 10-year-olds.

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Hey, that was my gym suit too from Sept 1966 to June 1972 (7th to 12th grades). Even to the royal blue color. We had to have our last name embroidered in white on the back of the suit and our first name above the pocket that was on the left side of the bodice.

I graduated from a public high school in the late 90's in the Chicagoland area. From 7th grade until senior year, the gym uniform for everyone in the district was a pair of navy blue shorts with the district number in gold and a reversible navy blue/gold t-shirt. Gym shoes and socks were required, but I'm pretty sure they didn't care what color anything was. The shoes couldn't have black soles, but that was it. The shirts were reversible for when we played team sports. We were allowed to wear sweatshirts/pants when it was cold out and we could wear our own swimsuit (one piece) for swimming. When we did a tumbling/wrestling unit, we were allowed spandex shorts under the gym shorts. The gym uniform pieces were a cotton blend--not too horrible as far as gym clothes go.

In Junior and Senior year, students who played sports could waive out of gym and that's exactly what I did.


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--- Quote from: whiskeytangofoxtrot on May 02, 2013, 11:33:55 AM ---If a student didn't bring their own gym clothes, they had to wear a jersey knit zippered onesie, with stripes. Hideous thing.

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That was the gym uniform my sophmore year!  (10 of 12). Hideous barely covers it - I have a long torso for my height.  The blasted shirt would have come untucked if it hadn't been sewn to the shorts and it was very uncomfortable if I raised my arms too much (seam in a bad location).  I was so glad they changed to shorts and a shirt the next year......

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we had those!  White and blue stripped top with attached blue shorts.  Ugly.  part way through hs they changed the rules so the girls could wear gym shorts and t-shirts or sweatshirts just like the boys did.  May have been title VII(?).  Graduated in 82.

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My middle school had those same uniforms. Some wise student a year or two older than me petitioned the school to allow girls to be able to wear the boys' uniform. The boys' uniform was a white T-shirt which the school name and a place to write your name with a permanent marker and black shorts. No girl bought the girls' uniform. I am short-waisted so the crotch would have been at my knees. My sister was three years older and had to suffer with that girls' uniform. I graduated from high school in 1990.

In high school, we were free to wear what we wanted.

No uniforms in elementary school. In middle school and high school, the girls in the years ahead of me had to wear the knit onesie, ugly green on the bottom with green and cream? Stripes on top.  The year I went into middle school (6th grade) was the first year they allowed the girls to wear the same outfit as the boys.  White t-shirt, dark green pants, both with the school logo on them. Oddly enough, no girl chose to get the old girls' uniform ::).

Eighth and ninth grade, we had to take swimming.  We were also required to wear the school-supplied swimming suits.  They had no spandex in them, so no stretch.  Every girl knew to bring something to cinch the straps together, otherwise they slipped right off.

I sometime felt that forcing teenagers to take swimming was akin to psychological torture, but then forcing them to wear a school supplied swimmsuit of the one size fits no-one variety, should be against Geneva conventions.


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