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Should something be said to correct them? (Facebook and 'infotainment')

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--- Quote from: amylouky on May 02, 2013, 01:13:51 PM ---Ignore, ignore, ignore. She has the right to post whatever she wants, even if it is factless and belongs in the tin foil hat brigade.
If you feel like getting in a pointless debate/pig waltz, feel free to comment on her posts but I've found people that post that kind of stuff are just trying to be inflammatory, an dyou'd just be feeding in to it. You're not going to change her mind.
If you can't bring yourself to block or defriend, just skim right over them.

--- End quote ---

This, exactly. The most important part is the fact that you're not going to change her mind and you'll just end up aggravated and smelling like a pig if you try. The people who agree with her will continue to agree with her, and the people who don't will continue to disagree, and there you'll be, all muddy and smelly.

Another vote for not dancing with the pig. DH has an old friend from high school who posts what sound like similar diatribes from Orange sites. Her posts really get under DH's skin because there isn't a grain of truth in them. In his case, he asked her to dance a few times in the past and promptly became smelly and muddy. He has hidden and unhidden her several times. She is currently unhidden but still ranting. He mentions her posts to me occasionally because they still bother him, and I remind him to let her wallow.

I have a few of those. The ones who do it once in a while, I just ignore it. The ones who do it a lot, I have them hidden/unsubscribed. We're still friends and they can see my posts but I don't see theirs so I make a point of checking their page for non-crazy posts a couple times a week. In my experience it's 99% ineffective to try to point them toward facts. If they were interested in the truth they would have checked before posting.

I had one relative who believed every extreme political/religious conspiracy crap out there and would just Freak. Out. about all of it. I learned my lesson trying to post snopes links to him. He stated "You shouldn't believe everything you read on the internet!" which made me splutter and  :o. He unfriended me, which was awesome. Then he started posting his nonsense on our mutual friends' walls, which caused the junk to show up on mine, so I blocked him.

This is why Facebook has a " see less posts" option.

Giver over the x in the right hand corner of her posts and choose to see less. This is less severe than blocking do you won't miss the important posts she makes but it will decrease the number of uncommented posts that show up in your feed.

I don't understand why hiding her posts isn't an option?  So what if you have many friends in common.  I hide tons of posts everyday.  Gotta keep my sanity somehow!  I have to remind myself, "FB shouldn't be stressful and if it is, you are doing it wrong." ;) 


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