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While I was getting a pedicure today, a woman came in, selected her color and sat down next to me.  She then opened her McDonald's bag and started eating her lunch.

Am I wrong in thinking one shouldn't? 

From conversation, I know she is not a working woman who was squeezing in the pedicure during her lunch hour, but even if she had been, would that make it okay? 

I often see, and am guilty of, bringing in a cup of coffee or a bottled drink.  Is that just as bad?       

If the establishment allows it, then I would say not rude.  Sure the smell might make others hungry, but then again people eat on the subway, at the park, etc.

White Lotus:
I wouldn't care for the smell, but given the spacing of the pedicure chairs in every salon I've ever been in, I would regard that as my problem -- they are pretty far apart, and it is reasonable to think most people wouldn't mind and might even enjoy the smell.

The smell of McD's annoys me unless I'm personally eating it, but it smells better than nail polish.  ;D

That said, I think it's probably up to the salon what kind of rules they might want to make about that. It could open the door to people creating messes, etc.

I wouldn't be thrilled with it, esp if I were hungry, but whatever the salon is ok with is going to trump what I want, or not.

That being said, my salon is in a teeny strip mall with a DD, and I frequently try and go first thing sat morning for my pedicures. And will sometimes pick up a cup of coffee and donut and eat while I'm getting my pedi. That doens't smell as much as McDonalds, and I try very hard not to make a mess.


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