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I'm so proud of her! (What have your kids done recently?)

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DH and I took the girls to the live butterfly habitat at the museum today.  It's a smallish enclosed path with tons of butterflies which zip around you and sometimes land on your head or your clothes  :) You're not supposed to touch them, so if they land on you you pretty much just take tons of pictures until they decide to fly away.

Well Babybartfast LOVED it, and wanted to stay until a butterfly landed on her.  So we stayed, and stayed and stayed.  She put a finger out close to several butterflies which had landed on the walls and plants, but was really good about not touching them.  She was just sure that if she waited long enough, one of those butterflies would step forward and onto her finger  :)

Enter several groups of schoolchildren.  Including several kids who were cheerfully reaching for butterflies left and right.  (They used to enforce the "no touching" thing a lot better last time I was here - incidentally, the butterflies seem a lot more beat up this time around).  Anyway, when Babybartfast moved away from a butterfly she had been hoping would crawl on her finger, to let some other girls have a turn, one of the girls poked it until it climbed on her hand.  I worried she might have mangled the poor thing's legs, but it looked all right.

I was so proud of Babybartfast!  She didn't throw a tantrum, she just leaned in and whispered to me "That girl is being bad!  She's not supposed to touch unless the butterfly wants to sit on her!"  I'll admit, I was pretty darn tempted to try the same thing, if only to make my little girl happy.  Instead I told her she was so good we were going to get ice cream.  (Which had the added bonus of finally getting us out of the butterfly room . . .)

So yeah, that's my brag for the day.  What have your kids done recently to make you proud?

No real proud moments to speak of recently, I just want to say Yea! for Babybartfast! ;D

Oh, and I really want to go to a museum like that!

I wore a green shirt to a butterfly museum and a lot of them landed on me.

My teen dd, bless her heart, has been looking for a job for about 6 months now.  Has filled out dozens of applications, only 1 interview and no job offers.  But she keeps looking.

My kids are in a program called AWANA, and at this program they can earn points for attendance, bringing everything they're supposed to (wearing sneakers, their uniform, etc.), and other things.  Then there are four times a year when they get to use their points to buy things at the AWANA store.  And wow, do they ever stock this store!  The program purchases toys, snacks, household items, and all sorts of great stuff.  The kids have a blast.  However, AWANA is split into sections by age (just like Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts), and at the particular location my girls are going to, only the kids my oldest daughter's age and up get to earn points and go to the store.  The younger kids tend to get a small treat almost every day, but they don't get to use points to buy things.

Well, every time that Emily has gotten to go to the AWANA store, she spends almost all her points buying things for her sisters.  The previous time, she bought a small gift for her two youngest sisters, a little snack for herself, and spent almost all her points on a Barbie for her 4-year-old sister, Jenny.  Jenny *loves* it.  This time, she got a stuffed bear for Charlotte, the 2-year-old, a little toy pelican for Megan, the baby, and some snacks for Jenny.  She got a small snack for herself again.  This is very common, she always seems to spend most of her points buying treats for her sisters and gets something small for herself.

MommyPenguin -- I grew up going to AWANA, so I know exactly what you're talking about.

Good for you for raising a DD that uses her points for buying things for others. You've done a good job as a mother. ;D

Proud moment today:

I just got off the phone with DD#1, 3rd year at uni. I was a bit worried about her grades because she constantly complains about studying and doesn't do well on tests. Her finals are next week. She's pulling good solid "B's" all around and 2 might be able to go up to "A's" depending on how she does on her finals.

If that's not enough to be proud of? Most of her friends are done with this semester already (today or tomorrow) and there are a lot of end-of-the-year parties going on this weekend (even in her own dorm room.) DD#1 will be spending the weekend at her cousins home, away from all the parties, so she will have a quiet place to study and won't be tempted to go to all the parties.

Yes. I'm very proud of her for making the right choice. ;D


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