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Miss Tickle:
E-hell has rubbed off on DH.

BG: DH stopped eating wheat because of a book. This changed a significant portion of his diet and inadvertently uncovered his lifelong extreme eczema was really an allergic reaction to (drum roll please...) wheat. We've been testing and over the last year have more or less eliminated his triggers, with excellent results in both his skin and physical condition. The transformation literally made me cry. I can't imagine how much he suffered for all this time, and am so thankful it has ended.

Now that DH can't eat any of his comfort foods, I make all sorts of new things to try out. He's been excited and receptive about the new offerings. We've reached a point where I can say "this is gluten free" and DH is willing to give it a try. He's started eating things he would never have touched two years ago and is finding he likes a lot of foods he either wouldn't or didn't eat before.

Now we've run into the problem of people reminding us what DH eats, or specifically, what he doesn't eat. They feel the need to point out that DH doesn't eat this or that in a way that implied I'm feeding him things he dislikes.

We had BIL and his partner over for dinner on Sunday and BIL's SO was chatting with me in the kitchen while BIL popped in and out asking what I was making. Eventually dinner was ready and as DH served himself a heaping portion of chickpea salad BIL looked at him and said, "You don't like that."

DH looked at the spoon in his hand, his brother, me, BIL's SO, BIL again, and said, "What an interesting assumption."

I swear, I didn't prompt him at all.

Ha! Awesome! I'd have been hard pressed not to laugh out loud :)

Curly Wurly Doggie Breath:
Love It  8)

Nice lol

That's fantastic!  I found an awesome recipe for cookies with no wheat, PM me if you'd like me to send it to you.


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