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--- Quote from: WillyNilly on May 05, 2013, 09:47:51 PM ---I think on an etiquette board its pretty ungracious to assume the OP is proudly telling a story where someone used the "interesting assumption" line with a snooty tone, as a response to a light-hearted comment. Sure we all had to assume some tone in the exchange, but considering the OP was proud, I personally assumed if any nasty tone were involved it was from the BIL, while her DH kept it light and simple and just shut down the nastiness (which is what the line is for... and which is what the OP came back and clarified was the actual case).

Seems like many people here made the interesting assumption themselves the BIL was jovial and upbeat while the DH was harsh and snippy  :(

--- End quote ---

Considering how frequently we get posters who want a pat on the back for rudeness disguised as politeness, and that the OP didn't originally give us a back story to go from, I would say that opinions either way were assumptions.    Whether they were interesting or not is up to the individual reading them.

If the OP had given a clearer background as to why her husband felt the need to respond in such a manner to his brother, then yes, all opinions would most probably been a cheer squad. 

I may be wrong, but I'm sure there have been many posts about making sure you include relevant information, otherwise you will be confused as to why people aren't immediately siding with you.

I really just took it as one of those situations when someone randomly uses an ehell phrase without knowing.  As long as he wasn't snarky, I don't think it was rude even if it wasn't precisely correct in terms of it being reasonable or not for the brother to think he didn't like chickpeas.   


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