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Yesterday I commented on a post in the "Life in General" section. Some didn't agree with me and I respect that. Today when I try to find that thread, it seems to have disappeared. When I check my "recent posts" anything I posted on that particular thread was not listed and there was a little "pop up" explaining that I was seeing only topics I was allowed to see.

My question is, have I been "blocked" from that thread and if so, why?

Sometimes the mods will pull a thread for review, or to give people time to cool down. When that happens, the thread disappears for everyone except mods. You haven't been blocked, the thread has just been moved to the mods-only area.

Thanks :)

That makes me feel better, it was a really interesting thread and I was worried I might have offended some posters.

TY for asking about that thread because I was wondering too.  And you added a different POV, nothing wrong with it  ;)

rose red:
I'm always disappointed when a thread disappears.  I can understand a thread getting locked, but when it disappears, I've never seen it come back.   

I was actually expecting for it to get locked :( (I've been here long enough to see the signs), but not disappear.  Sad, because there were some interesting posts from both sides.


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