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No prices on cocktail menus - what do I do?

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I don't eat out at restaurants very often. On the rare occasion that I go out with relatives, they usually order cocktails and I'm often tempted to get one too. But the problem is that the cocktail menus don't include prices and I like to know how much things cost beforehand. In fact, I always base what I order on how much things cost. I usually order the lower priced items even if I want the more expensive stuff.

So how am I supposed to find out how much the cocktails are if there are no prices on the menu? I don't feel comfortable asking and it seems rude to ask about the prices. I guess I should mention that these are just regular restaurants where jeans are the standard attire. If this were a fancy restaurant I believe it would actually be considered inappropriate to ask about prices, correct?

I'm inclined to think that asking about the prices is inappropriate and that I shouldn't do it. But I just don't know. These are the same restaurants that offer coupons online if you signup with their website, so it can't be that horrible.  What's the opinion on this?

I hate going to restaurants because of this kind of thing. I'm extremely shy and I have anxiety whenever I have to talk to the server. Giving my order isn't too bad, but anything beyond that is horrible for me.

Asking for prices isn't inappropriate - at least not at any of the restaurants I've been to. However, if asking the server makes you feel uncomfortable, maybe you could call the restaurant at a different time (early, so they won't be busy) and ask about the prices there?

It seems very strange to me that there are no prices on the menu. Are you sure about that? I've been to restaurants that organize the cocktail menu by price. There might be a $6 page, an $8 page, and a $10 page, for instance. Sometimes it's hard to find the prices because they aren't right next to the menu items and they may be written in a more subtle font.

Anyway, I understand your hesitation about asking, though I don't think it would be rude to do so. MariaE has a good idea if you decide that you'd prefer to not ask while you are sitting with your relatives.

Are your relatives treating? If so, and they're ordering cocktails, you probably have a green light to do the same. You can ask your hosts for a recommendation (and assume that they will suggest items that are within their "acceptable expenditure" range), order what they're having, or order a well drink, which is likely to be cheaper.

I don't think it is even inappropriate to ask about price when it's your money that you are spending. I have asked prices in very expensive restaurants, usually when the sommelier is giving his wine suggestions, price is always part of my decision so I ask for the information that I require.

I have seen some restaurants who don't list prices on cocktails and usually because the price can change if the a specific brand of alcohol is requested. Call the restaurant before hand and ask the price of a specific type you enjoy.


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