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For the past couple of days I have had trouble navigating from one screen to the next.  I noticed that when I tried to go from page 1 in a thread to page 2 (or such a move) I was stuck on the screen...frozen, so to speak.  I also had trouble getting on ehell this morning and the page timed out.  I've had this trouble before on here as have others and I wonder if I am the lone stranger this time around.  (I'm not having trouble with any other sites and no settings or preferences have changed, so I know it isn't my computer.)

Outdoor Girl:
I was having trouble earlier this week, using IE8.  I've been fine at home using safari but then, I'm on at lower volume times when I'm at home.


Thanks for the reply.  Then I'm not alone.  I use Flamingvixen.

I still can't figure out why it calls my browser flamingvixon. 

Outdoor Girl:
It's a filter substitution.  I'm not sure why it is filtered - must have something to do with ads.


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