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Talk to the neighbours or not?

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Hey all,

I would love some insight into this, as I'm not sure if my annoyance is snowflakey.

We live in an apartment with 6 units. One of the downstairs ones is an apothecary, owned by the landlord. The other 5 are regular tenants, including us.
Every unit has a garage box out back. There is parking in front of the building as well: 7 spaces in total. Us tenants and our guests are allowed to park in front, as long as we leave a few spaces for the apothecary. No assigned parking there, but we tend to keep to the right (three spots) or to the absolute left (one spot) to keep the store front clear. Once in a while the apothecary will have the night shift, at which point we are supposed to leave open 3 spaces minimum, with a sign going up to remind us.

My issue, if it is even that, is our upstairs neighbors. They're a young couple with two cars, and they always, always park both of them in front. There was a time they stopped during the night shifts, but not even now. Recently they started to stash their bike up front too, partly blocking the way to the door, which is not always fun to manoeuvre around with the carseat.
I freely admit that, now that we have babySyrse, I usually just park in front as well.

If I was on speaking terms with them I could just casually ask about their garage box, but they never, ever talk to us. When they see us coming they'll hold the door open until we're there, but they'll always dash off, never a 'hi, my name is Amy', or anything of the sort.

Another problem is their dryer: the apparently both work in kitchens, and they do all of their laundry on Sunday. By the end of the day, our wash room is absolutely soaking if we forget to open the door, because their dryer heat feeds back into ours. I basically can't dry anything that day without taking it out immediately, or it gets clammy.

I'm not sure how to talk to them, or even if I should? I mean, the spaces aren't assigned, so it would be a bit snowflakey to demand other people not park there, no? They seem to have assigned themselves spots, which leaves us with the not too handy ones for getting the car seat out. Again, it's on a first come, first serve basis, so can I even bring it up?
Or should I just ignore and work around both issues until we move? Or could I call the landlord to talk about the dryer (and risk them being mad for not talking to them first)?

Your insights would be appreciated  :)

Re: the laundry

I don't see there being anything wrong w/ them doing a lot of laundry on one day a week. I'd take that to the landlord and tell him you want him to come up with some way so that the dryer exhaust from the other apartment NEVER comes into your own apartment.

Because it's not about them doing anything wrong--it's about the landlord not providing appropriate venting.

If you own your apartment, I'd be talking to an HVAC company.

With the blocking of the door by the bike, I'd say you should slip them a note that says, "Your bike is often blocking free access through the door. Would you find a way to store it that doesn't?"

And w/ the parking spaces, I'd say, call the landlord and say, "I've noticed that one tenant seems to have permanently taken over spaces in the front--is that OK? I sort of wish they didn't, because it would make it easier for me on some days to be able to park on the street with the car seat and all. And it makes it much harder for any of us to have guests visit and still leave spaces for the apothecary. But I don't know how you feel about the spots, with the apothecary and all."

And otherwise, you should just park in your designated spot in the back.

And if you're ever having guests over, feel free to go knock on their door and ask if your guests can use their parking spaces, since they've parked on the street.

The laundry issue you need to bring up with your landlord; that may be the only day they can do theirs. I know I have two jobs and my only day off is sunday. So that's my day to try and cram everything that needs to be done into. But it sounds like more of an issue with how it vents, rather than your neighbors doing all their laundry on one day.

as far as the parking unless they are assigned, i don't know that you can really say anything. I know in my complex there is tons of parking, but I never seem to get a spot on the side closest to the building, as some of the tenants park there, and many are retired, etc. and don't work, so sometimes their car will sit in teh same spot for days. it irks me every now and then, but there's nothing i can do as there is plenty of other parking and no assigned spaces.

I think the only complaint that you can talk to them about is the bike. I would leave a note like TootsNYC suggested.

The parking spaces aren't assigned, so I don't think they are doing anything wrong. Its first come first serve and they get there first. We don't have assigned parking spaces in my complex, but most people here usually park in the same spot. When someone parks in my "spot", I just keep it moving and park in another spot.

Considering the limited spots in the front, they are using more than their fair share, especially since they have a dedicated spot in the back.  I see no problem with parking one car in the front, but not two. 

As for the a laundry, that is a safety issue.  Improper venting is an extremely dangerous issue and a fire hazard.  I would contact your landlord immediately!

They should not be blocking the entry with their bike.  They have a garage in the back.  Either store their bike there or in the apt. 


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