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Age Limits and Managing Volunteers Small update #15

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Can the age limit be changed to 8, rather than 9?

This gives a clear and easy dividing line to the older, well behaved child, being kept on, while the younger, naughty, child is let go.

OK, mom to boy 2 lied to get him in as an usher, a job he is clearly NOT ready for?  Forget an age limit and just tell the mother of boy 2 that he can try again in a few years but he is not ready for the position.  Surely, she will try to cajole you into giving sonny boy another try, but just stick to your guns and tell her he is not ready, try again in a few years.  Talk to whoever made the decision about the age about boy 1 and how professional he is and why he should be allowed to stay.  Me thinks the new age limit was made because of Boy 2.

I think you are likely to get an argument from the mother of Boy 2 regardless of what you do. So what I would do is say simply, "The new rule requires the child be a minimum of nine years old before she or he can be considered. That isn't the only new rule, but it is the primary one." *

The rule can be amended slightly for the first year ONLY to say that any child with previous experience who is within one year of meeting the age requirement can be grandfathered in with permission from the theatre's managers who have final decision-making authority. (That leaves it in your hands.) And no, I wouldn't grandfather in Boy 2 primarily for his misbehavior but also because he is much too far away from reaching the new age requirement.

* You may want to have rules like misbehavior can only happen once before the child's right to usher is revoked for the season. In addition, a child of any parent found to have lied about the child's age will not be allowed to work as an usher for two seasons.)

Has sandy had any responsibility towards this child?

You stated that you have had to redirect said child when he goes where he should not or do something he should not be doing.

I say, tell Sandy, she is charge the next few times and then to let you know what she thinks. 

If she has not had the responsibility that you have had towards said child, then it is easy for her to say, "'I think we should do this", but are you still going to be the one to watch out for said child? 

If she still wants to grandfather him in, then let her know, he is her responsibility.

I think the child should be dismissed but not because if the new age limit. His mother lied which is reason enough for dismissal. But he also dies not perform the job correctly. If you had a 16 yr old who was rude yo patrons and going MIA during performances, would you keep him? The child is creating more work.


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