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Travelling with boss- and overpowering car air freshener

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I don't see anything wrong with saying that you prefer to drive yourself since riding with someone else can make you carsick.  The challenge here, as others have said, is that it's not easy or quick to remove the scent from her car, just taking down the air freshener won't really solve the problem.  I think opening the window was the most you can really do if you find yourself forced to ride with her.

I think if you were telling her that her perfume made you sick it would be tough. But if she's reasonable, I think she can handle being told that car freshener makes you a bit off. I know I can't stand any of them, and I've never had anyone who wasn't willing to put it in a little bag and tuck it into the glove box. It's not a great fix because it permeates the whole car anyway, but it brings it to a tolerable level.

If someone's sensitive, I can see being more careful, but for most people I'd just tell them.

I agree with the others who say to tell her that you have a problem with overpowerings scents.

I have that problem too, and when my then boyfriend (now DH) put a new car freshener in his car, he was willing to have open windows and air the car out for me.  Now he is almost as bad as I am with perfumes.

"Polite" is not always synonymous with "indirect". In this case, you are not making an accusation, you would just be saying that you are having a bad reaction to the air freshener. She can then make the choice to remove it temporarily, or to suggest other alternatives, such as you driving yourself.


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