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Travelling with boss- and overpowering car air freshener

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"Jill, I am going to drive separately this time or perhaps you would like to ride with me.  I get car sick so it is best for me to drive. That way I can be at my best when we get to the site."

It's not the least bit rude to tell someone you prefer to drive yourself because you tend to get carsick. It's not "impolite and off-putting" unless you are graphically describing projectile vomiting or something. The air freshener doesn't need to be part of the explanation, especially since as Lynn2000 pointed out, there's nothing she can reasonably do about it.

Let's put it this way - if I were in Jill's shoes, I would far rather have someone confess that the freshener was bothering me than suddenly lose their lunch in my car. I don't think it's rude to explain that you're having a bad reaction to the scent of the freshener, and that you will have to find another ride if she prefers to keep it.

Scent sensitivity is a real medical issue.  Does it also bother you in other places like the office or at home, or just in the car? 

I would avoid by saying you prefer to drive, that you have an appt after.

Do you own a car? If so, perhaps you could suggest you 'take a turn' at driving next time you're travelling to the same place - 'Oh Jill, you always drive - let me this time, it's not fair for you to drive us all over the place all the time!'

If not, next time you know you both have to travel to the same place maybe try 'I hope you won't mind if I make my own way there by bus/train/taxi/hover craft, only the last time we carpooled I ended up feeling very carsick for the last part of the journey and I'd rather not repeat that experience.' You don't necessarily have to tell her WHY you felt carsick. That would probably only work a little in advance though.


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