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Others posting photos on my wall.

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I make cake as well as eating it.

Two of my FB friends have taken to posting photos of cakes they find online on my wall with captions like, 'One for you!'

None of them are especially to my taste, although they're well done. My friends don't want me to make these cakes, or help to make them themselves. They just found cakes they think are pretty and want me to appreciate them as well.

Problem 1 - It's getting a bit tedious. How many times am I obliged to respond, 'Ohhh pretty!' or some such thing?

Problem 2 - Other friends 'like' the photo thinking I made them. Do I have to make a comment on all these photos stating that I didn't make this one - even though it seems obvious to me that it's a photo shared from a website, people looking quickly sometimes don't make that distinction.

Hey fellow caker! (waving madly) 

I have been having the same problem.  Over the last few months a relative of one of my in-laws has been posting pics of cakes  on my wall with similar notes... most recently a picture of a dog cake, that while very cute was definitely decorated by a novice; and one of a very, very realistic cockroach (very well done technically, but I found it disturbing).   I don't care to have anyone thinking I made either of these cakes, so I have immediately untagged them.   

I don't think you have any obligation to respond to the poster.  If others have commented on them, I would be honest and say, "Actually, not my work.  A friend thought I might like to see it."

I'm trying to figure out whether or not to ask the poster to stop, and if doing so will cause tension in the family.  She is really a lovely woman.

I have a similar, if not identical, issue on Facebook. People know I love animals and work especially closely with turtles and tortoises, so multiple people post the same cute turtle and tortoise photos/memes/articles on my wall. Got the same one twice in one day once.

I click Like and make a quick, appreciative comment every time. Yes it's a bit tedious, but so is a lot of social interaction (to me, anyway). At least people are thinking of me and being nice, so that's a plus.

You can set up facebook such that things you have been tagged in only appear on your wall after you have approved them.

Honestly, I would just delete it from my wall. If they asked why, I would tell them that the only cakes on my wall are those I baked myself.


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