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Others posting photos on my wall.

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Just set your FB so people can't post photos to your wall and you have to approve tags. Problem solved.


--- Quote from: MummySweet on May 08, 2013, 06:07:07 PM ---Hey fellow caker! (waving madly) 

I have been having the same problem.  Over the last few months a relative of one of my in-laws has been posting pics of cakes  on my wall with similar notes... most recently a picture of a dog cake, that while very cute was definitely decorated by a novice; and one of a very, very realistic cockroach (very well done technically, but I found it disturbing).   I don't care to have anyone thinking I made either of these cakes, so I have immediately untagged them.   

I don't think you have any obligation to respond to the poster.  If others have commented on them, I would be honest and say, "Actually, not my work.  A friend thought I might like to see it."

I'm trying to figure out whether or not to ask the poster to stop, and if doing so will cause tension in the family.  She is really a lovely woman.

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Waves back!

Thanks for the advice everyone - I think I'll do a combination of the above.

MummySweet, have you seen the gif of the realistic baby cake being cut open? Talk about disturbing!


--- Quote from: QueenfaninCA on May 08, 2013, 06:36:36 PM ---You can set up facebook such that things you have been tagged in only appear on your wall after you have approved them.

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I did this, and it seems to work only sporadically. Or only if they do it in a certain way--I think it asks for approval if they actually tag me, but if they slap it directly on my wall, it goes right up. So I've had mixed results. And one acquaintance liked to do this with animal abuse pics, yeesh.

I'd make a comment indicating I didn't make it "That's cute" or "Wow, realistic!", etc. and make sure I wasn't tagged. I'd then wait a day or two and delete it. If someone noticed and seemed hurt I'd explain "Some of my other friends wrongly assumed I made the cake. I wouldn't want to accidentally take credit for another baker's work, so I removed it."

I think you can prevent people from even posting on your wall. And in your situation, I think I'd do that, either as a blanket or if it's possible to do it by person, just add people to the list as they "offend."

Also, it's perfectly OK to drop those people a note and say, "I want to keep my wall to be for my own stuff only. Please don't post other people's cakes on my wall. It confuses people."


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