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Rude To Say "Please Stop This"?

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I agree with what's been said. They both need to get over it. Leave your home issues at home and don't bring them in to work. But if nothing gets any better, HR does need to at least know about it. I wouldn't take this one on myself, lest I somehow invoke the wrath of Karen or Harriett and get pulled into all the drama.

They're both acting like children.


--- Quote from: Twik on May 09, 2013, 09:45:17 AM ---They're both acting like children.

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Yup.  And I blame both of them, and actually I am more irritated Harriet because her behavior includes all of the office indirectly into their personal problems while it seems Karen was willing to put on a facade for the work place.  This happened in group of ladies I was living abroad with.  One decided to pretend the other didn't exist, never mind that we lived together, ate together, attended class together.  The ignored one came off looking like roses in my eyes even though I did not like her personally because she just sat down with us anyways and would chat to whoever would respond.

Oh Joy:

--- Quote from: KimodoDragon on May 09, 2013, 08:30:32 AM ---...

Would it be rude if someone told Karen to please stop doing this?

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How frustrating!

I wouldn't suggest asking Karen to stop.  A specific order regarding how an adult greets another adult isn't necessarily ours to make.  However, I would suggest semi-privately telling Karen that it makes you uncomfortable listening to Harriet being greeted separately from the rest of you being greeted together.  Knowing that the two of them don't get along, you feel as though you're being brought into their issues, and that's not the kind of professional you want to be.  (Or some such thing that's relevant and natural for you)

It may also be the start of a culture shift for your department.

I would hope that a supervisor or Human Resources are brought in to any extent that their dynamics are impacting performance or overall culture (as it seems to be).

Best wishes.

The funny thing is Annoying Coworker stopped talking to me for nearly a year.  She would communicate via email regarding work things, but nothing else.  Suddenly, she's become really friendly.  Suspiciously so.

I found out that my director told her to stop being a donkey and act like a grown up.  I still don't trust her so I'm being professionally polite but nothing beyond that.


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