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Small country vs. big country: fame

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Reminds me of something that comes up on my gossip boards: You'll see an actor or singer from FarFarAwayville billed as "Tommy NoName is FarFarAwayville's most beloved actor / singer. FarFarAwayville fans were sad to see him go, but are also excited he is branching out and has tons of fans in NewCountry. NewCountry is lucky to have him!" Cue snickering from people in FarFarAwayville + fans of FarFarAwayville music / film, since Tommy is either an extra nobody's heard of or he's known as "that d-bag who sings like a cat in heat and would show up to the opening of a letter."

My favourite example of this is a glamour model in the UK named Jordan who is mainly famous for, well I'm not really sure but she's had lots of reality shows made about her.  Last year maybe she got married for the third(?) time at an "exclusive" Sandals resort.  She tried to claim that the staff at the resort tipped of journalists and insulted her.  The manager responded basically saying they had no idea who she was or that she was famous but that they'd give her a refund if she promised never to come back.

There's a singer here who isn't very popular, not A list by any means. I read some interview of him and he talked about how he used to sell stories of himself to the gossip magazines but these days he he's successful enough so that he doesn't have to do it anymore and so now the stories are "pirated" (he doesn't seem to get the idea of the magazines). He also said that his public personality is completely different from his private life and the fame doesn't match his real life. Unfortunately what you read about him is that he abused his former wife for years (with whom he cheated on his first wife) and abandoned his pregnant girlfriend, that's not just trying to make your life seem crazier when you're actually a homebody.

I almost forgot one strange celebrity. There's a man who owns a giant discount store in the middle of nowhere that's a popular tourist attraction. He's added a hotel and some other things, based on his idea of American Dream. Here's pictures of the hotel, which is pretty grandiose considering the location. The owner is pretty famous, even before he got a reality series, partly for his business ideas, partly for some drunken idiocy (it is Finland after all) and his quest to find a worthy girlfriend somewhere outside Finland (the latest stop was in Gambia, where he traveled with his friend, the singer from above).


--- Quote from: jmarvellous on May 09, 2013, 09:09:47 PM ---I'm  not sure I get that story, sorry!

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The car was only about a year old when it was stolen  and it had an 'Elect Bill Vines' bumper sticker.  When the car was stopped and the driver didn't know who Bill Vines was, the cops knew they were talking to the driver of a stolen car. 

Library Dragon:
When is someone famous for me?

Perhaps when there is an instant name recognition.  The Kardashians come to mind.  I've never watched one episode of their shows, bought anything related to them, but I know the names and know they were on a reality TV show. This is cult of famous for being famous. 


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