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Horseback riding in Australia

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DH and I are leaving for Australia this weekend and will be spending two weeks there.  We had originally planned on booking a horseback ride in the Blue Mountains outside of Sydney but when I went online today to book the trip, I saw a public announcement stating that the owners had been fined over $50,000 by the courts due to cruelty and neglect following several inspections by the RSPCA!  :o :( :(

Here is our itinerary:

2 days in Blue Mountains
1 day in Hunters Valley
2 days in Sydney
4 days in the Outback near Ayer's Rock / Alice Springs
2 days in Cairns
3 days in Port Douglas
1 night in Melbourne

If anyone knows of a place to hire horses that doesn't look like a Sarah McLachlan ad I'll be really grateful!! 

Give this one a go, Jillybean.


Hope you enjoy your travels in Oz!

We've booked with them.  And they were a lot cheaper than the cruel-to-animals place to boot! 

Thanks Redsoil!

Have a great trip!

FYI Ayers Rock is now known by its native name - Uluru.  While noone would say anything, its considered disrespectful to the Aboriginal community to persist with calling it its white name.

No worries, Jillybean.  Have fun!


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