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Author Topic: Multiple weddings, same couple = rudeness? (same-sex couples)  (Read 14913 times)

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Re: Multiple weddings, same couple = rudeness? (same-sex couples)
« Reply #30 on: July 01, 2013, 11:49:20 PM »
Insofar as this is an etiquette issue, the matter has been adequately dealt with.

Edited to add the following:
In order to stave off more complaints, I'd like to remind people that there are legal, social, political and religious implications here, as well as etiquette ones.  This forum is focused on etiquette.  The *etiquette* is reasonably simple: one wedding per couple. 

A wedding is a ceremony in which two people are united in marriage. 

An alternate celebration might be a vow renewal or anniversary party or general wingding in which two people happen to be wearing white dresses or snazzy tuxedoes.  A couple can have as many vow renewals or parties or wingdings as they can convince people to attend.  ("My partner and I have had 746575647 ceremonies cuz we really, really, REALLY love each other, donchano, and now we want to make it legal and invite gazillions of our bestest friends to fawn over us and give us prezzies and $$$ but they're Not Happy For Us!!!!11!!1!! Whyyyy are they so mean?  Isn't that rude?")

If a forum member has a particular situation germane to the forum, he or she is free to start another thread.

And if anyone is concerned that I'm closing the thread out of bias or prejudice, all I can say is same-sex marriage has been legal in my neck of the woods for years.  It's not even remotely a hot button issue.  Shrug.

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