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This isn't really hospitality, more entertaining, I guess... with a twist.

I have a friend that just had her thyroid removed for cancer.  Now she has to get radiation treatment.  She literally is not allowed to come to work or be around other people for 10 days after the treatment.  She will be holed up in her house and if someone were to come over, she'd have to stay at least six feet from them.  She lives alone but this just seems like total quarantine to me, I know it's necessary... but I feel awful for her.

I want to send her a package or two during this time.  I know her general tastes in movies and music, so I'm thinking 1-2 Amazon packages (can be dropped off at her door) with things she can amuse herself with.  Books and DVDs are about where I'm at, does anyone else have any creative/fun ideas I can steal?

Oh Joy:
How about a gift card to a website where she can customize something?  I'm picturing making a photo book or something along those lines.  You know, a putzy 'I've been meaning to...' kind of project.

I've had chemo, not radiation, so  i don't know if there is the same brain mush effect, but I would go with light, silly comedies on DVD, light reading (" airplane books"), and magazines

Cafe Press can do all sorts of customized clothes and jewelry, stickers and magnets, at a good price. I can't complain about any of their products I've ordered yet. They do a lot of discount emails though, once you've ordered from them. How about a coffee mug and favorite (approved) treat? A bathrobe with slippers, all personalized? Or is she the type to appreciate sweet smelling candles?

Outdoor Girl:
What about getting two copies of the same movie - one for her, one for you.  You could both cue it up and either skype or telephone while watching so you are watching it 'together'.  Or you could do this with a favourite TV show, if there is anything on at the time she is 'quarantined'.

Does she do any crafty stuff?  Some craft supplies would come in handy.

Is she allowed food gifts?  If you could take over some single serving meals before the treatment, she wouldn't have to worry about cooking on the days she doesn't feel up to it.


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