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Renewing an invitation to my sister

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Hello -

My family has been going through a kind of rough time recently.  My parents' health is failing, and my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer.  My parents live on the other side of Florida, about a 12 hour drive away for DH and I.   DH and I have rented a beach house over by them for two weeks starting in about a week.  We had invited my sister and her husband to join us at the beach house, which is plenty large enough for all four of us.  My sister had declined, as she had anticipated that she would be beginning post-surgery radiation therapy by that time.

The period of time where we would be at the beach house encompasses both my sister's birthday, and our parents' 58th wedding anniversary.

My sister got some unhappy news at the radiologist today - due to continuing post surgical complications, she cannot begin radiation for at least two weeks.  Previously, my sister had declined the beach invite as she needed to be close to the radiologist so as not to interrupt her course of treatment.  That's not happening for a while yet.   Her husband sends out email updates on her condition regularly (so that everyone gets the same information at the same time) and that update just happened.

I'd like to renew my invitation to her and her husband to join us, but I'm a little hesitant to do so.  If feels a bit like "hey, sorry about that bad news, but so what, the beach is always there."

I should at this point make it clear that I am not looking for my sister/BIL to contribute any of the costs of the house, which is already paid for.

So ehellions - can you help me in this decision tree, and how to word an invitation to them if that's a good course of action?

I think I'd send it to your BIL.

"BIL, so sorry to hear that Sis won't be able to start radiation as planned. I know how difficult this time is for the two of you. If you think Sis is up to it and if it might provide some minimal relief, we will be at X location from Sun to Fri and we have plenty of space. I know time at the beach won't improve her condition, but I thought it might offer a change and maybe give you a little bit of time to relax. If she isn't up to coming to the beach, let us know if it is advisable for us to stop by for a short visit before or after our trip."

"Sorry about the bad news, Sis. If you're up for it, we still have a spare bedroom at the beach house and would love to have you and your husband. The rental is taken care of already. You'll just need to bring yourselves."

If you want them to chip in for groceries, just say so.

Mental Magpie:
Both of the above are great; combine them!


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I agree


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