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Photo book help please?

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I am making a giant printed photo book for my grandma for her 75th birthday. I have photos as far back as her parents' wedding up until our family reunion last year, of all her family members.

The part I need help with is titling the book. Her name is Patty, so I thought maybe of calling the book "Patty's Past". But I didn't know if that would just make her feel old  :-[ I asked my mom and aunts but they aren't very good at that sort of thing.

My other question is about the end of the book. I have a photo of her on a roller coaster that she rode on her 70th birthday and I typed at the bottom "It sure has been a wild ride so far..." I thought about adding "can't wait to see what the future brings" but I didn't know if I loved it. What do you all think?

I would include some reference in the title about it being her life "so far", with the implication that you expect there to be more. Maybe "Patty: the first seventy years" or "Seven decades and counting".

Or, could you link the title and the final picture together in some way? "The Adventures of Patty" or Patty's wild ride" or the like?

These are just off the top of my head, as a jumping off point. Hope you get some other fun ideas! The book sounds really neat.


Patty's 2013 Birthday Album

Anyone who rides a rollercoaster at the age of 70 is young at heart.  Sounds like she might be jumping out of planes next.  More power to her.  :)  If she embraces her age, maybe:

Patty; 75 Years Young...

For the closing photo, I'd leave it as   "...a wild ride so far..." without the concluding phrase about the future.

What about something a little quirky, like "Patty...another word for Phenomenal!"  (Or awesome, wonderful etc.)

I'd second the "A wild ride so far ..." and leave it at that.

I think with photo books title isn't too important, so really "Happy 75th Birthday" is fine. I think she might get a kick out of the title "This is Your Life" which really isn't an implication her fun is in the past but a reference to an old TV show. If you want to go with a "Patty" illiteration, how about "Patty's Parties and Pastimes".

I personally love captioning the roller coaster with "its been a wild ride so far!" I think if you want to add "can't wait to see what the future brings" I personally would add another photo referencing the future - her with a baby grandchild, a postcard of a city she has a vacation planned to, etc.


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