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Not quite the phrase, but thank you, Ehell!

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--- Quote from: rain on May 12, 2013, 08:06:37 AM ---good for you

I like your line "I'm tired of people trying to make me unhappy with myself"

gotta remember that one

--- End quote ---

I liked that line as well.   Thankfully I don't have much reason to use it, but there was a time where it would have come in handy.  :) 

Mel the Redcap:
NNNNGGGGGGAAAAAAGH. The moratorium on lecturing me about my weight lasted a whooooooole year... and I was a lot less EHell-Approved about shutting it down this time, thanks to being completely blindsided.

Woot. :-\

You did it once - you can do it again !

Frankly , nothing I've ever said to my " Let me tell you how to live " sibling has ever lasted for more than a week , so you are all kinds of Awesome in my book .

Maybe you can remind her about how happy you were for the year she left you alone - how it was a pleasure to see her and spend time with her without going home stressed out and feeling bad .

A whole year....sigh , I am so jealous .

Mel the Redcap:
Thanks, chibichan - that makes me feel a lot better. And that sounds like a good thing to try!

I have really had to thicken my skin with my sibling .

I have come to realize that she just.can't.stop .

Keep talking about it . It may eventually sink in . I still get occasional "advice" but it ceases shortly after I say " Look , I'm happy with the way I am.

 If she ignores that - I tell her firmly " I'm not going to change . If you keep trying , you will just make me want to leave ." That usually does the trick .

BTW - I love your screen name ...are you a Merry Gentry fan ?


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