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Contacting admin about main blog comment


Just wondering whom I should contact about a comment I made on the main blog that is still awaiting moderation.  I have been on Ravelry all day and without thinking used my ravelry name instead of my EHell name.  :P  On the one hand, as neither are my real name, it probably doesn't matter at all.  Still - I know the mods do track IP addresses associated with both, so I don't want to cause any confusion.

Do I contact EHellDame directly or one of the other mods?

edited to add - nevermind, the comment has already been posted, so it doesn't really matter.

I wonder if there's a bug or something -- I posted a comment on the Wedding blog yesterday.  I saw that it was in moderation, and now it's gone, never posted.   So maybe something wonky is going on?  Glad to hear yours showed up eventually, maybe mine will too  :)

I wasn't worried about it not showing up.  I just felt dumb for posting under my rav name, not my ehell name.  :P


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