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Cooking gluten free, but with gluten for the rest of the family?

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Hi all,

I apologize in advance if this is in the wrong spot, but here goes.

My doctor gave me the 'gluten-intolerant' stamp last week (hooray  :P) and I've been scrambling to adapt to the diet. I did wonder: are there gluten free people here who are the only ones at home? DH says he doesn't mind going me in the gluten-free, but I am reluctant about raising Babysyrse without any of it in her diet. How do I combine this? Is it, for instance, enough to have her eat bread/cereal in the morning, and make the evening meal gluten free? Do you cook separate meals at night? Different sides?

As a side note, it seems there are no burgers on our butcher's gluten-free list. I could make them myself, but I was thinking of maybe making a batch at them at a time, so I can freeze them in. Maybe do the same with a good schnitzel recipe? Then I can just cook one for myself, and others for the rest of the troops.

I also have family members suddenly insisting they feed Babysyrse gluten-free stuff at their home, but that's a whole other pickle. I'm thinking 'The doctor told us that's a bad idea' is going to be used a lot for that one.

I do not have a gluten intolerance, but I do have quite a list of food allergies.  From my experience, it is just easier to cook/prepare one version and keep the whole family on the same diet.  Not that you have to be militant about it, it just saves time and aggravation on your part.

If you want your DH and baby to have some gluten products, you can always serve bread with meals or for snacks have crackers and such.  Keep bread and tortillas in the house for sandwiches and wraps for non dinner meals.

There is a happy medium here, you just have to find the balance for you and your family, that all y'all can live with.  Best of luck.

I don't think there's any particular harm to her eating gluten with some meals and not others- I wouldn't restrict it from her diet without medical reason though, as being comfortable with eating a variety of foods is only going to be helpful (plus the "gluten free" stuff is expensive!).

I have severe lactose intolerance- for some things I will make one batch that we all can eat, but when it's using expensive or harder to get items (like the occasional time I can get the ingredients for lasagna), or the substitutes aren't as "nice" I will make 2 batches. If I'm making, say, pizza, everyone else gets a regular one and I will make 1/2 no cheese, or half with lactose-free cheese or Daiya. I won't make everyone eat the Daiya, because while it's not bad, it's not mozzeralla and it's pricy.

For family meals (dinner, I assume) I would suggest getting to know those cuisines which are naturally gluten-free. Corn tortillas make Mexican food a wonderful option, and if you pick up some gluten-free soy sauce and rice noodles, most of Asia opens to you. Rice, potatoes, quinoa - many sides/starches are naturally gluten-free, and no one will miss pasta when they have pad thai. Making two different things sounds like a huge pain, and kids+hubs can easily have those things (like pizza, pasta) when they go out to dinner and during other meals. Or, on those occasions when you really want pasta yourself, and make them regular noodles while you have the GF. Alternatively, you all can eat the same thing but they get a nice piece of baguette on the side.

Outdoor Girl:
If you are cooking two different meals, you have to remember things like using different spoons and not sticking the gluten one in the gluten free pot.  A friend at work is GF.  Her family is really supportive but she and her brother were cooking pasta in the kitchen, with the GF in a separate pot.  Without thinking, brother used the wrong spoon to stir the GF pot.  They both realized it right away and no harm was done but it was a bit of a pain.

So based on her experiences, I'd recommend that you cook the same meal for everyone.  There are lots of meals that would be naturally GF.  You just have to read the ingredients on store bought sauces really carefully.  Then, as others indicated, DH and baby can have an additional bread or cereal item and, of course, order something in.  You could even do a 'leftovers' night, where DH and baby order pizza and you eat some GF leftovers.


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